Burn This Train

by Alexander James Webb

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  • Recorded at Ways Home Records, Detroit MI.
    Performed and Mixed by Alexander James Webb
    Printed by Joshua Jouppi
    Artwork by Jacquelyn Franquist

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(free) 03:31


Second Demo to debut from Ways Home Records, recorded in the historic Woodbridge neighborhood in Detroit.


released June 25, 2011

Artwork by Jacquelyn M. Franquist



all rights reserved


Alexander James Webb Detroit, Michigan

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Track Name: Sugar Cain
Sugar cane aw sugar cane, I got louisiana in my viens
drunk on hope to spite the pain
finally my detroit blood's found sugar cane

not chasin these statue gals, i got a heart'sa gotta move
houston couldn't hold me honey, not in my walkin shoes
lucky gypsy woman runnin, loves my ramblin blues

if you're just dealing, wheelin in place, cold slow grind
steady rollin days right off your mind
without a chill would you lean to warmth?
dont search for the sun all through winter's time

because spring eyes under cherry blooms
meant sleepless nights and days consumed
our trails an travelin boots melt down this mess
finding stranger's kindness beats the rest

High-rise dazzle vacant eyes, no honest word finds reprise
kill your noise, all the lame repeat you're
drowning out the rain and my city streets

sugar cane oh, sugar cane
i got louisiana in my veins
summer sun fills december's frame
my detroit blood's found sugar cane
Track Name: Charcoal
It was the first spring we ever had
electric bloom and frenzied hand
told me you’d have no other, Je T’adore’ madame
each breath hung thick and yet so free
the air was a charcoal breeze

as we sweat in the summer sun
no victory yet was ever won
though our garden, may it grow, only fixed your broken toe
when each breath hung thick with heat
the air sent us to our feet

When leaves flew and so did I
from ocean tears, your stuttered sighs
this train i called my home, so away from you I roamed
each breath hung thick with hopeful longing
the air echoed with our song

Brought the cold home with me, dear
and with hunger, rage, and fear
we both hold fast to spools of thread to weave another year
each breath we drew as if our last
the air was iron-cast

Violet blues, and yellow May spring
thunderstorm mysteries on foot or a-wing
to strike me back to a life void of doubt, for love's not proud, no

but each breath is a slow defeat
and the air is a charcoal breeze
Yeah, the air is a charcoal breeze
Track Name: Last Letter
Last words, a letter before you shut the door
If men had ears, would I have known to say a little more?
I don't know, I don't know

We know where we stand
Empty heart and broken hand
i'm paralyzed in the trainwreck of our love
a thousand fear-filled love lies
painted distance in your eyes
and I know that you did well when you broke it off

But ain't nothin' mean a thing without you here
So i guess I'll have to find myself
Before these tears are rustin' my tracks away
oh that train may be never coming...

You might be blind, but I couldn't see
why would you listen to what I would never sing?
along to perfect rhythms
running on the track below our feet
why would you stay if what i did
was tie you to the rails.

But ain't nothin' mean a thing without you here
So i guess I'll have to find myself
Before these tears are rustin' my tracks away
oh that train may be never coming back
Track Name: Caterpillar's Curiosity
looked for you my dear, but i’m running out of air, six feet deep an i think ill die here
you dove away, now i’m floating here half blind, now i’m drowning in confusion
But those old heartsongs still cleanse away the fleeting unknown sins of yesterday

considering the obvious i think that it’s curious
how often we doom ourselves and call it fate
and as it all falls to goodbye will we finally realize
these thieving seasons swing us back toward the sun

oh, i’ve got a blue-bird swears she’ll never learn to sing
its a difficult thing to compel us to leave our comforts and bond for being free
so now i’ve got a bluebird thinks she’s never learned to fly
she’ll break out her wings and we’ll sit in my favorite climbin’ tree

Well i’ve seen a butterfly soar with half its wing
Fragile as glass she perched on my shoulder, ravaged by the years
whispered in my ear some quiet, profound thing
“through pain and loss, bramble an moss, perfect love castes out all fear”

and and it all falls to goodbyes we will reach back and finally trust
the seasons that stole us away may someday swing us back into the sun
we can learn to love this light in life, this light is love